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Friday, February 24, 2006

Need to ap0oligze for the suggestive post there. Well. I guess if i really think about, it's nothign THAT serious. BUT. it impacts me nonetheless.

THank you guys for the concern. and NO. I didn't see anyone naked. hahahahahahaha

OKay, I'll leave a seriously long post for this trip to Quebec City till later. I'm currently in Montreak, crashing at my friend's place. It's nice here man. There's a cosy fireplace and he has a pool table!!!! The irony is, all his cues are broken. SHEESH. ahhahaha Oh well!

A little sneak preview into what i've been doing. I just went skiing yesterday. fell down ALOT. but had the most fun. I was doing the bunny hill most of the time, but I think i've learnt abit about how to Slalom!!! In case you guys don't know what that is, CHECK OUT the WINTER OLYMPICS!!

I've also went dog sledding. yup. I'm perfectly serious! DOG SLEDDING. It's the art of mushing. The one where you tell huskies to carry you around snow covered terrain. IT'S AMAZING. I really can't tell you more than that. I'll let my pictures do the talking next time.

I tried my hand at skating AGAIN. and ppl who know me well know that i really suck at it. haha. I'm too afriad of falling! But I tried it at Old Quebec (or Vieux Quebec in French I think) and I still can't do it properly! but the ambience there was just spectacular. Just imagine. Light snow is falling, you're skating in an outdoor rink, and there's melodious strains of classical music wafting from the speakers and onto the rink. Children and laughing and playing on the rink and you watch cars wheeze by on the street beside it and into the distance, you see an old fortification lit by a soft glow. You just soak in the atmospohere and know that this is something that doesn't come by easily.

I also spent a night at the MOntreal casino. and NO. it wasn't for gambling. WE spent a night in the car, cos we had no where else to go. hahaa. Cheapskates like us prefer to spend the money doing the above activities then find a space to rest.

And OH. Miss HOllander over here is the official navigator for the group of us. YES YES. Laugh your heart out. I didn't manage to get us very lost. hahaah. and we found all the places we wanted to. But it took the corssing of three bridges twice, circling an island along its coast and very many U Turns. BUT HEY. I seriously think we found alot of joy in getting lost (or this may be a way for me to comfort myself).

I caught a few phrases of french as well. But not much lah. I think i'm better sticking to English.

OH!!! we triend inner tubing too. I think it's more fun than tobogganing man. at least, it hurts my butt less!

PS: FOr you guys who are wondering, NOPE. I haven't gained weight yet. HAH. And I think i've actually lost half a kg. hahahahahahahahaha. (or this may be another one of my self delusions)

Au revoir ppl. Ottawa next!


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