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Monday, January 30, 2006


Whew. It's been relatively quite a long time since I've blogged cos I had three mid terms in these past two weeks! Gosh. Only my third week here and I have mid terms!!!! Bleh.

But whatever. I have two more coming up. And a few papers that I don't wanna think about right now. Haha. Alot of things have happened in these kinda hectic two weeks though! Went to an Anglican Church Service at Renison College, Chapel of St. Bede. It's truly and eye opener. Only 12 ppl at the service, and their service book is like four times the size back in the church I attend. And it's filled with 'thine' 'thy', 'thou' etc. And no singing praise, cos the pianist was on honeymoon. Wahaha. I thought that was so sweet. Scott, who brought me to this service commented, 'where else can you be able to say 'peace' to everyone in the congregation?' I really liked it there. It's filled with warmth and love and this entrancing quality of peace that allows you to truly feel that everyone was there just to seek God.

Chinese New Year came and went, and me and Cindy, Joo, Cat and Sara went for a little lunch feast at Chinese Legends. YUM. Fried rice is made of proper rice too! LOVELY.

That's all for now. I promise more juicy updates later. ;)


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