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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


OH MAN. I had the most fun today. Besides the fact that I had to study for two tests, I went tobogganing with friends from WCRI.

Tobogganing to the WRCI-ans is basically rolling down a snow covered slope on a tray. And there are many variations. You can go down on your belly, you can go down as a train, you can link arms and go down, and you can even make a little ramp at the bottom to propel you upwards into the air for that split second.

Bottom line: IT WAS A HECK LOT OF FUN!!! Okay, besides the fact that i was under dressed (SEVERELY UNDER-DRESSED. I couldn't feel my toes, legs, face, or hands) the whole accelerating down the slope thing was exhilarating. I mean seriously, you guys gotta do it for you to understand it man.

And I need to thank Tony for being such a gentleman for warming my hands and head, in however gentlemanly way possible. and Walter, for lending me his gloves and allowing me to toboggan down in a train with me although the first time i flattened him and the second time my boot hit his face. For Meghan, who was just so brilliant to talk to. For Daphne who lent me her gloves for a while and being my company when we both couldn't get up the slope again. For Anita, who did her virgin toboggan with us. And Jason, who was nice enough to give me help so many times when i couldn't make it up the slope. And who can forget, Pierre. For dragging me down the slope again, splattering snow all over my already frozen face, and slapping his socks into my mouth (and for what reason, i just cannot fathom) [how's that for sarcasm dude??] haha. I love you guys. :)

PS: No pictures though. it was at night and too cold. I was so sure my fingers were gonna drop off soon, together with my toes. haha


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