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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Feed Faith and Doubt will starve to death

RS 101: Religion and Popular Culture
During this lesson, a very interesting notion popped up, as proposed by joseph Campbell. He says that all religion is essentially the same. The notion of religion is universal because there are certain universal needs in everyone of us human beings.

Interesting. But so misleading. I agree there's a basic need for this in everyone. But not every and any religion works, at least, in a the most objective manner I can muster, you cannot subscribe to every religion in the world. He made it sound like you just grab a bit from this religion and a bit from there, and voila! You have your own religion you can subscribe to. So appealing. But so wrong. It's like too easy a way out ain't it?

Well, that's my personal opinion, based on the assumption that i understood what Campbell was saying anyway. It did make me quite incensed when he proposed that reincarnation, divine birth, death, resurrection is seen in most religions. And it set me thinking: What makes Christianity different anyway? Well, GRACE. And if you don't know what that is, You gotta experience it first.

Well off this topic, I have gotten quite an impression of the kinds of students in UWaterloo. Like in my Music 100 class, there's this guy who fell asleep and in the midst of doing that, fell off his chair. HAHAHAH. amazing. he was so cool about it. like it was nothing at all, while everyone was like controlling our laughter. And even the teacher just basically ignored it. And there's two girls in my class who seem to think that speaking in Cantonese means that they are inaudible, just because they know majority don't understand it. I'm like HUH? the class has started, the prof has started talking and they still continue their conversation in the same volume. SHEESH.

And in my PHilosophy class, there's this guy who's simply amazing. he waltzes into class and sits himself down, and barely 20s into the lecture, he answers the prof's question when I haven't even registered the question the prof was asking. Crap man. and he does this ALL THE TIME. Makes me feel like a retard.

ON the good side of it, it makes my classes more interesting. Hah. I have one last class before I end for the week. and then it's TORONTO for the weekend!!!! And More pictures for those who actually read my random haphazard thoughts. ;)


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