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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ouch, acquired a new bruise today! Seems like I won't be able to get rid of this 'illness' of mine in the same way my sniffles disappeared after I arrived in Canada.

Well.. went to sing Karaoke last night just to see how it was like in Canada to do that. and it's about the same! (DUH.) haha. the English videos still look like they've shot randomly and the featured models in them seem to have been paid $5 for it. It was a good experience though! Cos besides the same main group of us, we had additions to the singing troupe, guest appearances by Walter and Chris! Way to go man! You guys were brave enough to come join us.

(oh the group of us girls tried bubble tease bubble tea before this and we had loads of silly fun standing in the cold with only one layer on (Above and beyond the undergarments of course.) Pictures coming up soon!

And right after that, I went to play Mahjong! Or MJ as they call it. It was cool man. Hearing all the terms of MJ said in the 'native' language, while i was still using plain mandarin. I must learn Cantonese!! and guess what. We played till 630 in the morning. Didn't manage to see the sunrise as we would have wanted, but close enough. and I woke up at 12 for lunch! No bad eh. and Studied in the afternoon.

PHEW. Long two days it's been. I might just turn in early.


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