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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Just came back from the Flying Dog, this Salsa club in Waterloo. It was SOOOO FUN. Not that i could dance salsa. need to apologize to Angel, who was dancing with me most of the time. And Saranya too! For embarassing them on the dance floor. Although, Angel being gentlemanly said i was AWESOME. wahhaha. Oh well!

It's a nice place. Didn't manage to take to pictures though! But it's really cool, cos it wasn't smokey (no one's allowed to smoke) and I did find out that i have to use my PASSPORT to get into clubs here. Sheesh. which blithering idiot will bring a PASSPORT to a club?? Diao. So well, i'm gonna like make a copy of it and bring it next time if we're going. I'll take pictures next time!

Made a few new friends, Dan, from Israel and he was giving me pointers to actually get citizenship in Canada. WAH MAN. I don't mind man. MOM, DAD you want?? wahhaa. We'll see. ;) That's all man. I'm going to sleep. Till the next time! I HAVE NO LESSONS TMR!!! WOOHOO. YES LAHHHH.


  • At 1:17 PM , Anonymous Dai Da said...

    it seems Salsa is very hot in western countries.haha i wan join one club also!


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