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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Well, I didn't really dress up as a movie star, and I went in like slippers, cos I thought it would involve alot of walking around. i must say, the social committee really put in ALOT of effort into this. There was Champagne, beer and appetizers, setting the perfect scene for a typical dinner party.

Then we were given like information about ourselves, and secrets that we had, and money to bribe ppl for their secrets. Hmmm. I suspect that I was one of those characters (in fact, I could be the only one) who had NO part to play for this msytery. As in, I was just like some character that was completely uninvolved in any sub plot or main plot, and the only use I found myself with was the fact that I was supposed to be best friends with the murderer. Haha. And I didn't even know she's the murderer, cos she didn't even know herself. I thought the ppl should have allowed the murderer to know that he/she was the one, so that she could try and scheme her way through making ppl not know she was the one. But well, the thing was complicated enough with 3 sub plots and 1 main plot. haha.

[I think TH should do this some time! And church too! if the youths are Onz enough.]

Nonetheless, besides the fact that they couldn't weave me into the storyline properly, I did make a few new friends and put a few names to a few familiar faces I always see but don't always greet. It was cool too, that the ppl tried their best to come dressed up in according to their role. The was Jason, who came dressed up in a suit and had a comb as an accessory, and yeap, he was an anchorman. It was brilliant! He speaks like one too man!

So anyway, after that, me Cat and Daph had a little girl talk and we went to play cards! haha I ended up as asshole thrice i think, cos I think I might have been too nice when i was in 'power' and gave the person i was trading cards with too good a card. but oh well! We had good fun, though there were a bunch of us who kept on landing up in the same roles. *ahem* haha. Tmr, going to try and find sneakers so i can play badminton/squash!


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