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Monday, January 16, 2006


Let me try and put to words the essence of the nature of 'cold' here. You wake up and you see the sun and no snow and you think, 'Hey! Today's quite a warm day!' BUT THEN, you step out of your room and you're like 'OH CRAP. It's -10degrees.'

AND it's not just the fact that the stagnant air is so cold. It's the WIND. They have something called WIND CHILLs over here, which is informally measured in degrees celscius and it gives you the illusion that it's way colder than it actually is. And today, it was set at -18 deg. So there you are, walking toward your lecture hall, dressed for the -10deg weather when a gust of wind hits you, and guess which part of your body that affects most: THE FACE (cos it's the only place where you can't put layers of clothing on, unless you wanna look like a bank robber). And it takes 10secs of the wind before your face numbs over, and you arrive in your lecture hall with the incapacity to speak because your facial muscles just don't seem to be moving.

After the lecture, at 600pm, the sun had already set, so there wasn't even the warm comfort of the sun's rays to warm me up and I headed back. WITH THE WIND BLOWING DIRECTLY AgAINST ME. Needless to say, I entered into the servery with a face completely numb and couldn't even smile at my friends and had to rush upstairs to thaw my face before i could properly present myself to the people. haha. (AND OH! This is the first time my face turned red. HEAR THAT?? red!! It's amazing. I'm so happy.)

And i had my virgin game of foosball after dinner. WOOHOO. I'm seriously trying lots of stuff that I wouldn't have if I were back in NUS. The atmosphere here is just really more accepting I think. Well, I joined Brandon (who's absolutely BRILLIANT at this game. Besides the fact that he is over 6 foot [yes bro, that's taller than you] he's in very very very good shape. And when he goes for goal, you can't even see the ball. You only hear the 'clank' sound that comes when the ball goes into the hole and feel the whole table shake.) and though he's so good (he won like a few games one against two) I managed to make him lose. wahahhaha. Handicap match for him man. But he wasn't like peeved or anything and gave me a high five. Highest high five I've ever given anyone before.

AND NOW, I'm all psyched up for studying. OR NOT. haha. I'm TIRED TIRED TIRED. But i'll persevre and try!! Don't worry lah you guys, I'm only here to pass my modules. :P (and this is the exact mentality that will make me fail. So i'll just go study. but seriously, I don't study this much back in NUS anyways). haha


  • At 7:06 PM , Anonymous Annabel said...

    Hey! I know how the wind chills feel! I had that when I was going to my lectures too! There was this bent, where it would be really cold, and we would always dread passing by there...

  • At 7:49 AM , Blogger Faith Tan SY said...

    Now here's two suggesstions to fight against the wind chills. Hehe

    1) Walk backwards when the wind is blowing directly against your face. Turn around once in a while to make sure that you do not bump into anybody.

    2) Wrap a scarf that is slightly higher than your neck, so that you could bend your head, and hide the lower part of your face in the protruding part of the scarf.


    pretend that you are sick and wear a mask over your face. Hehe.. (Koreans wear face masks in the public when they are sick.)



  • At 11:50 AM , Blogger ivan said...

    I guess the most practical way is to walk faster and get into a building as soon as possible. hehe, Can you post a picture of foosball? really interested to see what it is like


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