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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The March of the Penguins

Dreary weather it was yesterday, where there was freezing rain. Gosh. And it's no joke you know, it's really FREEZING rain. It freezes up on the pavement and makes it so difficult for you to get to class! I was slipping andsliding all my way to class (but this has nothing to do with the shoes I was wearing, every one else was also doing the same!) Seriously, i think my ice skating skills have improved since yesterday.

And I tried playing a bit of volleyball yesterday! YAYYY. But not compeititively of course (I don't know how to serve). But it was still fun, just cos everyone's so encouraging. (And I still think my reason of having bad depth perception is better than being made fun of when you were young!!!! xP)

Then I went to check out Fubar which was just down the street. Made new friends!! John, Zach, and oops. I can't remember the third guy's name! It was a tues night and I think it was relatively happening for such a night. The beers were cheap!!! $2.50 for one. Woohoo. Well daphne did turn tomato red, although she insisted that she wasn't drunk. Maybe just having a buzz.

AND.... we're going Toronto this weekend!!! and i've got quiz next week. Two on one day. Have to bring books to cram man. BLEH.


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