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Sunday, January 22, 2006


I shan't post much words for reading in this entry. Just pictures. and more pictures. ;) It was a great time at Toronto, and one that I'll never regret going for. I've learnt more about myself and others and most importantly, WE HAD A BLAST!!!!

At Joanne's House, posing with her collection of care bears. She kindly put us up in her aunty's house! Thanks SOOOOO MUCH!!

Me at the most beautiful restaurant in Toronto, with the most picturesque view and the extremely brilliant service. AH. the view. Gosh. the view. Just takes my breath away and allows me to pause and consider the greatness of His works.

And this sweet waiter is the reason why I think customer service here rules. Real nice man. Think his name is Fred? oopsy. I really suck at names. argh.

Us in front of a yellow school bus that brought us to Toronto. It's like an authentic yellow school bus. THe one you always see in Hollywood movies!

Me at the Bata Show Museum. I realized the only reason why it's called the BATA shoe Museum is not the fact that it shows how Bata shoes have evolved, but the entire history of shoes and the different cultural and historical influences on the design of the shoes. Perugia, Ferragamo, Miller are just a few names of the designers that have made a difference to shaping of our shoes now. Never heard of them before right?? Neither have I. haha. And the person who opened this museum is the wife of the Canadian guy who started the BATA shoe chain. She did it cos she realized that she had too many shoes with her. haha.

CHECK this out. I really wonder how one actually walks in this shoe. I think the person's calves will be very toned after a few mins. Haha. Designed by Perugia.

And these!! Shoes that cover all the way to the thighs. What the. haha. Must be super difficult to wear. and can even be used for pants? Problem comes when you have to take off your shoes when you enter the house. wahaha. Designed by a lady but can't remember her name!

Korean food!! Joo can speak Korean so nicely! ARGH. Makes me wanna learn. She sounds sooooo cute when she says it. Not like she's not cute when she doesn't lah ;)

All of us at Eaton Centre (Without Daffy cos she was taking the picture! and Swep too cos she had to collect her coat!) This was after my church service which I attended with Joanne. The North Toronto Baptist Church. I like the service. and the Message. Preached from Acts 17 and partly 1 Cor. Will blog more about that later. These pictures are PART ONE. more coming up!!


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