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Friday, January 27, 2006

Caribbean Night aka SLEAZEFEST

Once again, a wordy post from me without pictures. Went to Bombers with my girl friends for a Caribbean party!

And goodness. I never seen so much sleaze in my life. You see dirty dancing at clubs in Singapore, but nothing compares to this. WAH. butt grinding all the time. everywhere. You see a girl dancing alone, shaking her butt and the guys take it as cue to place themselves behind her butt and dance very closely to her. but of course, it could be like a caribbean tradition or something, but i still felt uncomfortable looking at it.

Especially when you see strangers dancing so intimately together, when you know what is in store is just a meaningless one night stand. Ah well. Interesting incidents but I won't blog about it. haha. you guys gotta ask me :)


  • At 12:31 AM , Blogger ivan said...

    Wah haha. culture shock for you. I even saw guys hanging ard just waiting for girls to get drunk and pounce on them when they are alone. That's why I said I would never want to go clubbing again in singapore cos it's so dull in comparison. :D


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