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Friday, February 03, 2006


The people whom I taboggoned with. Well, not all of them! Look at the broken trays!! Walter was the culprit of all that. haha. From left, Walter, me, Anita, Daphne and Tony. They were such such such good fun!!! ;) Note: I really really really like Tony's hat. it's so warm and nice. Perfect for tabogganing!

Me and Alan teaming up for a game of table tennis on this rickety table tennis table at WCRI. That's the sport that me and Daffy play when we're too bloated from the meals provided here. haha. Alan's good man. Me being on his team like handicapped him or something.

And that's me avoiding a hostile smash from the opposing team. You can see the ping pong ball vaguely on the the top of the picture!! Cool effects. Thanks to Daffy's camera. haha. FYI, I can't smash the ball, nor return a smash, so I just basically AVOID. I like that strategy. hahaha.

All of us at the steamboat at Cindy's house. It's a post CNY reunion dinner thingy. And i tried my hand at making carbonara!! Obviously not the best result, but I know I'm getting there!! I also did ice blended drinks for all of us. And i still maintain that the green apples (which actually look yellow) are the reason for the lousy taste of the green apple ice blended. We all seemed to like the banana milkshake so no worries there!

The result of all our hard work!! Kudos to Cindy and Joo for getting the groceries for us and braving the cold to transport all this food to Cindy's place!! You guys are the bomb man ;)

All of the people who went to the Raptors' Game!!! It was held at Air Canada Centre, which is where concerts and ice hockey games are held as well. It was great! Though i felt that the atmosphere could have been more exciting, we all got FREE PIZZA cos the Raptors exceeded the 100 pt score to beat the New York Knicks 104-oh crap. I can't remember how many the Knicks scored. wahahah. oh well. I was seriously egging Raptors on to win so i could get the free pizza. And I found that I really like Chris Bosh's free throws. So silent. and deadly. Brilliant stuff.

And that's me outside the ACC (Air Canada Centre). BRO: I just wanna make you envious. I gotta watch an NBA match even though I was quite bored at it at times. haha. I was yawning quite frequently! The atmosphere is better felt over the TV though. There isn't much commentating throughout the game, but I can tell that playing at home is definitely a big big big advantage for the Raptors. When the Knicks score a two, the commentator just says, 'Maurice Taylor' in this dead pan voice but when a Raptors scores two points, he goes, "CHA-CHA-CHAAAAAAARLIEEEEEE VILLANEUVA for TWO!!!!' and the crowd naturally goes wild. it's hilarious actually!

The players warming up. LOOK AT THE EMPTY SEATS. You would never see this at an EPL soccer match man. NEVER. At least, never when the game is starting in less than 5mins time. It's crazy!!! look at the amount of empty seats in front! Even a 1st, 2nd or 3rd division soccer match would not warrant such a lousy turnout. AIyoh. YOu Canadians out there must give more support!!!!

Taken by Daphne. I was too engrossed in the game to whip out my camera and start taking pictures. I wasn't familiar enough with the game to know when the players were setting up and how they were setting up for a shot. haha. but I promise you, after this game, I'm going to put in more effort to understanding it!

A shot of the raptors setting up for a shot. With 22s left on the short clock (i think that's what they call it anyway. haha)

Well that's all for now i guess!! more coming up soon ;) Pictures from lunarfest hopefully (that eventful night. SOOOOO much to say. but I won't blog for everyone to see. heh. You guys gotta ask me!)


  • At 1:38 AM , Blogger ivan said...

    Wah steamboat! I'm jealous. Must have it some day with my kettle.

  • At 7:35 AM , Blogger Kailin said...

    hahah your kettle?? seriously! Does that work? I'm craving bak kut teh though! Your pics were making me DRROOLLL. ;)

  • At 11:49 AM , Anonymous jingkai said...

    u realised the seats all filled up towards the end...hmm..all latecomers!!

  • At 10:57 AM , Blogger Kailin said...

    I think the seats filled up only cos the ppl who are cheapskate and sat at the back stalls had to go fill the seats in front to make it look presentable. haha seat fillers! Sound familiar??


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