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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Been Thinking...

Yup. Have been doing quite some soul searching these few days. Happens once in a while you know. Allows myself to sit back and see how my life has unfolded thus far. A little break to just STOP. Pause for that little moment. And evaluate.

People around me: Like I've shown in my previous posts, my friends over here have just been plain brilliant. And I really hope these friendships will extend beyond my stay in this wintery wonderland.
BUT. There have been times my patience has been put to the test. Certain idiosyncracies that I just cannot and will not stomach. And that has left me irritable and upset with myself. My innate judgemental nature gets the better of me and I lose my cool. Especially when I understand that they can't help it. And especially so when I KNOW I have my own shortcomings that other people have to put up with.

Things I've been doing: I'll never exchange this with any other experience (besides finding myself face to face with my Lord of course) All the all night mahjong sessions, K-zone karaoke sessions (and more to come!!), MC Killer, Spoons (where we did silly sailormoon actions, ate crackers in the fastest time possible, wore our shirts inside out in the shortest time possible), partying (Flying Dog, Caribbean Night, Lunar fest - where I had my virgin taste of liquid cocaine which tasted like crap [FYI: It's a shot of alcohol. I'm not doing drugs], and my first time witnessing good hip hop dancing and helped two drunk guys back), squash (which made me look like an abused kid with Parkinsons) and... TOBOGGANING (which usually meant I ended up with a sore butt and very wet all over. All the snow ball fights (which I usually lost cos I can't aim!! Lousy depth perception!), and dunking each other in the snow. OOOKKKAAYYY. I was the one who usually gets dunked. I should have watched more wrestling when I was young so I can throw other people in the snow!!

Church services: I've decided to go the Chapel of St. Bede, the one with a 12strong congregation! YEAH! and i'm going to grab all those self proclaimed Anglicans along with me. REVIVAL!!! Nah. I'm not THAT ambitious. All in God's time. I will do whatever I can.

Food: I miss miss bak kut teh, tao suan, char kway teow, cha gui, hokkien mee, chicken rice, and crabmeat linguini!!!!! The people here don't even know what carbonara is!!! Sigh. Can't have best of both worlds eh?

School: Well, I'm really enjoying my courses here. HONESTLY! I've never seen lectures hall so filled, so enthusiastic, and so participative. WEll, I did have this really hard mid term just now, which led me to the urge to blog, but I'm just praying hard that I'll pass it. Hmmm. My favourite course? MUSIC 100 and PSYCH 334. PSYCH 334 is about individual counselling theories. so when I get back people, I'm more equipped to help you all!! wahahah. Okay. I think I should help myself first. heh.

Oh. Squirrels scurrying across campus is a very normal sight over here. and Canadian geese honking and waddling with their sexy butt walk. So amusing! well it stops being amusing when they start pooping all over the place. THeir poop is GREEEN. EEEKS. And you have to try and siam all the greenish guck cos sometimes they're splattered all over the ground, trampled upon by the unfortunate souls who are too blur to notice. I'm determined not to be one of those.

And all these thoughts are just a tip of an iceberg. Only reason I'm stopping is cos I wanna study for my MUSIC100 midterm tmr. Classical music here i come!!!


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