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Friday, April 28, 2006


On the second day of our NYC tour, we met up with Cindy, Swep and Sara and we continued on our exploration of this city that never sleeps. We started out with the tour of the Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum. And here I am with Paris Hilton. haha. One of the more popular photo taking exhibits. She does look like she needs a bit of oil blotter though. haha.

This is my favourite exhibit. Saw the unveiling of this exhibit on TV and my, they are very very lifelike. I seem a bit out of place here though!

We went on the cruise around the statue of liberty next. But since it's such a well known statue, I decided not to post pictures of it. haha. but I will post this picture of me with Daffy, Swep and Cindy (with Sara behind the camera) cos they're one great bunch of travelling companions. Nevera dull moment with them around!

This is me on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. the view is breath taking at sunset. Though visibility wasn't on our side this time, I really enjoyed looking at the flickering night lights in the distance. A City that never sleeps indeed.

I actually prefer this tower to the Empire State Building. It's the Chrysler Building (hope i spelt that right!) It was competing with the Empire State Building for the highest building, but well, it lost cos the empire state building had an extra portion of the building which it waited till the last min to put on. Sneaky eh?

A Glimpse of the skyscrapers in Manhattan.

One can never miss out on a Broadway Musical when you're in NYC. Me and Daffy woke upat 630am to queue outside the Nederlander Theatre for cheap tickets to see ths show. We were so blessed! To have been able to catch this extremely cheap promotion where the tickets for Broadway Musical, Rent was going for 20 USD (usually, the it would have costed 90!) We had to re-queue again cos we were limited to two tickets per person and we had four other friends who wanted to go. it was all worth it though. There's so much differences in the level of energy of audience and performers and the professionalism seen in the musicians and actors here. Plain Brilliance!

I"m currently now at Vancouver and the feel of this city is so different from the City I just left. Here, you can see the Rockies in the distance as you travel through the city. It's beautiful. It's no wonder they call the province the Beautiful British Columbia.

And that's me at the Rose Garden on the campus of UBC, where Jason studies. This view shows us the mountain ranges in the distance and also the view of the water (Which is supposedly connected to the Pacific Ocean, if it isn't part of the Pacific Ocean itself.) If I were a student here, this would be my favourite hang out place! Too bad the weather wasn't very ideal for us to appreciate the view more.

Till the next post ppl! ;)


  • At 12:33 PM , Anonymous Greg said...

    Wow! Awesome pics! Vancouver is beautiful whether it rains or not. Hope you and daffy are having a great time on the west coast!

    I'm jealous...counting the days till I do grad school in Vancouver :S

    Keep posting the beautiful pics ;)


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