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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Crazy deadline week is almost over. And it's funny actually. Murphy's Law in action. The week where i had the most deadlines, I had to help people in their COW shift. haha.

As if i weren't busy enough. I pulled three all nighters, two of which were productive and finally finished the three papers that were due on Wed and one major paper due on Thurs. What made it more crazy was that i had two end of term exam like tests on THurs as well. So i had to cramp my mind with busloads of information and hope my puny brain at least absorbs some.

Well, I did finally drink coffee over here, to pull off my stint in finishing these crazy work and I think it does weird things to me man.

The first time i drank it, my psychomotor functions were completely retarded and jerky, resulting in me spilling coffee all over my bed, spraying myself with water in an attempt to clean up and spilling Anita's chips in the process. Klutz to the max.

Second time I had it, my mind was racing but my eyes were giving up on me. haha. imagine that.

i don't really know how i managed to survive this week, given my weakened state due to TOTM. but i pulled through by God's grace, and God's little angels that He sent to watch over me. Giving me a hug when i needed one , giving me food when i was hungry and nagging at me to sleep and eat well. Love you guys :)


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