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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Living in the Moment...

He once told me that one should learn to live in the moment, completely indulge yourself in whatever activity you're engaging in and therein, find the meaning, or rather, make meaning of the situation that you are in.

It's my last day at WCRI, and Waterloo for that matter. My last walk to and from the DC was exceptionally poignant. THe sun was out, there were people chillin' on the benches, tanning in the sun, geese were honking, squirrels scurrying and I was just completely in awe, and feeling nostalgic. It's never gonna be the same again. And that should be the case, no matter what I'm doing. Because we learn every step of the way. I have successfully concluded my stay in WCRI and I live this place knowing that I have grown, and hopefully, for the better.

It's been a while since I've blogged about my stay here, partly because I have been busy with school work, and also busy in maintaining the relationships I have formed here (not that the latter is a chore, although I can't say the same for the former)

I think I have had a taste of what it's like to live in the moment. To submerge myself in the situation, to let go sometimes because it's okay to make mistakes. And perhaps, I have found myself in the process.

A touch of sadness concludes my stay here, even though I know that I'm meeting some of them again in the near future. It's just different. And it has to be i guess. This exchange cannot be traded for anything else I've been through before. At times, i've gotten more than I've bargained for, but out of that, I see myself widening my mind, and understanding, and most of all, learning how to love.

To my dearest friends from WCRI, I give you thanks. To my dearest roomie, who has put up with my ultimate nonsense. To the Mr Romantic, who has always been so real and moved me out of my comfort zone, yet put me at ease unfailingly; and who has accepted me for who I am and touched me infinitely. To my dearest Obba, who has never failed to smile through the darkest moments and been a great friend. To the most competitive guy in WCRI, who has never failed to crack me up and yet still stay firmly rooted to the ground. To my dearest special J, who has never failed to tease me, yet make me feel special as well. To my dearest special girlfriends, Sonya, Ritu, Meghan, and Christina, who have been such great girl company, and have shown me that friendships are the most valuable thing, especially when you're away from home. And also to Nr.Nice Guy, who always helped everyone else buy KFC on Tuesday and drove us around the area. And to the other people who have given me so much enjoyment and fun and laughter and joy during MJ, Settlers, Cranium, MC killer, Handball, RedAss, Go Karting, Toboganning, Snow fighting, Karaoke-ing, partying, drinking, YOU GUYS ROCK. I've never met a more interesting and more loave-able group of people then you guys.


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