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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Left Waterloo officially at 856pm, and left Toronto for NYC at 1132pm. Never expected myself to do alot on my first day of arrival in NYC, but man, I did quite a fair bit! Thanks to the generous hospitality and guidance of Kin :) (At the expense of his studies! Eeks. I hope our presence won't distract you too much!)

I had Malaysian Cuisine for Brunchner (of there's such a word for the sole meal I ate on that day) THings here are crazy expensive! And I still have so much of my trip left ahead of me. SIGHHHH. Must really scrimp and save like mad! That's why me and Daffy have decided to survive on egg sandwiches for the rest of the trip here.

And the stupid ATM machine didn't help. BLEHBLEHBLEH. But all's good. I saw Wall Street today, had my local food craving satisfied (although it gave me such a bad indigestion later I amost puked along the street) and Saw Ground zero, Millenium Hilton, walked along Hudson River, saw the NYU campus (or just the random sprouts we could see along the way we walked) and saw Fifth Ave, where the rich live.

Signs of spring are everywhere!! But I feel kinda sad that there wasn't enough space for me to admire it. But amongst the grey and drabby concrete, the parks with blossoming flowers did serve to lift my already dampened spirits caused by the rain.

Me and daffy at one such Park

The void that remains after 9/11

Kin FOong and Me and Daffy eating Local food!!

Me and a Symbolic representation of the 'bull' of the NY stock exchange


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