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Friday, December 30, 2005

Departure Day!

Spent one day doing last minute shopping and changing for Canadian dollars. Wow. never knew the Canadian dollar was so in demand, considering that it's winter there and its COLD! I walked along the whole Orchard Road, only to be told by this nice money changer that the whole stretch of Orchard didn't have the Canadian dollar. Hah. (Didn't know that all of them were part of the same 'family'!)

In the end, I had to go Holland Village to get the Canadian money. Had to wait for it to arrive and I spent that time sitting in BK and reading the fifth Harry Potter Book. Darn. Think I read too much, and left myself with too little to entertain myself on the plane. Then i went over to find my friends over at Cantina, and I think it hit me again how much things will change while i'm gone, and how i can't witness this change, and how my friends and family could not also be with me through this period of time. Well, it is a short time if you do think about it, but also long enough for many things to happen over in Singapore while I'm in ontario!

Ivan flew off to Finland today! I didn't manage to see him off cos I had too much last minute packing to do! (Ivan if you're reading this, I'M SO SORRY!) Which then begs the question, WHY IN THE WORLD CAN I FIND TIME TO BLOG IF I COUDLN'T FIND TIME TO SEE HIM OFF?? Well, I'm a paranoid girl. Every fifteen mintues or so i panic and start rumaging through my suitcase to make sure i've got everything. haha. gan cheong to the max. You guys should know. So i decided to take a breather from this obsessive compulsive behavior and sit myself infront of my lappie (WHICH I HAVEN'T PACKED!! Must remember to pack!!) to blog.

Well, I don't have much to say now, except I'm really gonna miss all you guys out there. Temasek Hall ppl, DND ppl, NUS coursemates, JC friends. AND, my FAMILY. gosh. this is a big step out of my comfort zone. A big big step! Will update once i get internet access again. heh.

PS: I realize that more ppl will be reading this and I will probably need to do up this blog but forgive me, I'm not one for frills and fanciful stuff. haha so i'll keep this plain and simple. Anyway, I'm sure that the pictures are enough to make this blog interesting. heh.


  • At 2:51 AM , Anonymous Annabel said...

    all the best! Glad to know you reached there safely! :)


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