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Thursday, December 01, 2005

WOOHOO. Exams are over for me (been over since two days ago actually) and now i can really concentrate on the things that are coming up for me: My B & D Day. 6th Dec and 31st Dec respectively, if nothing goes wrong that is.

I also have a little youth camp coming up and Christmas skit! I play a spoilt brat who has no respect for her grandmother. And i think that would require a lot of acting on my part. haha. ;)

Keeping this short cos I'm going to watch harry potter now! Heard mixed reviews about it, but I should think it's good. Can't expect anything less from a harry potter movie can you? Youwei has just reminded me that I still 5 other movies I'm supposed to catch before i leave!! That's alot man. we'll see how I can squeeze that in, among my church, family, exchange commitments. Till the next time!


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