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Friday, December 29, 2006

Pui. Seems like the hurdles I must cross are endless. One thing surfaces and before I can react to it, another looms. It's nuts really.

I don't remember having to face so many challenges at one go (or maybe it's just that I have bad memory?) And I keep thinking to myself, is it something I'm doing wrong? Maybe I should have done something better previously so that I would not have ended up in this state. But honestly, I don't see any way else to handle it.

S*** happens I guess. It just seems to happen more now than ever. Feel like my head is underwater and my body is in slow motion. Having a chesty cough doesn't help either.

I just wanna scream. Go somewhere quiet and just scream my lungs out. And after that, I just wanna cry. Weep until there are to tears left and then maybe I can start facing what I need to face.


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