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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Was lost... and now am found.

I couldn't find my watch for two days (thought i had left it at church) and that left me very disoriented. I found myself very often checking my wrist for the time to find that it was empty.

And I felt sort of lost.

It was also strange because I never realized I was so attached to it. It was a gift from a friend and I never thought it as much, because he won a pair of watches at a lucky draw and it was out of courtesy that he gave one of it to me. I didn't want to put much significance in it as well, so as not to give out any wrong signals.

But I guess the much cliched saying is right 'you never miss the water till the well runs dry.' You don't know how to appreciate what you have until one day you find yourself without it.

I found my watch today (it was in my sister's bag!) and I completely understand how the shepard and woman feels in the parable of the lost sheep and lost coin respectively. The one thing I realized is that, when you lose something of significance to you, it's so hard to find someone else who truly understands how that feels. YOu can get sympathy easily, but not empathy, unless the person has also lost something of value to them. And the feeling of finding the lost object (or person), is priceless.

And this is just an inanimate object. What of a person?

Care for the people around you. Don't wait for them to leave before you appreciate them. My distant uncle passed away yesterday, from Stage 4 stomach cancer. During his last few days, when he was in a semi coma, there was a great in flux of visitors to him. But what's the use of seeing him when he is not conscious of the fact that you're there? Is it all an act? It may seem so, but I don't think that means they didn't care. Afterall, they put aside years of grudges to see him once more. RIP.


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