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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Snowflakes on Cat's Shawl Posted by Picasa

You know, all the things you sing about snow is ALL TRUE. Snow glistens under light, becomes fluffy when forming on the ground and is pretty. I mean, look at the nice crystals they actually are. Brilliant work of nature.

On another note, yesterday was really packed with activities. Going to Swepna's house, we managed a mini snowman (which had red berries for eyes cos that was all we could find, and was evil-looking) and had SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!! Cindy makes the best snowballs. I lose steam halfway and my snowballs become snow fluff, which weren't very effective. haha. But nevermind, I did have loads of fun just trying and getting snow all over myself. It was cold no doubt, but so immensely enjoyable (maybe just for the fact I will never get to do it Singapore). I did try my hand at cooking (though relaly minimally, was like helping them open cans of soup cos they didnt' know how to do it. and stirred the soup a bit. hahahahah)

Well, we got back and I had to serve people with food. Got to get acquainted with more people which was always an interesting experience and after that, it was SALSA!!! We learnt it from Angel and Luis, and they were SOOO good (by my standards that is) I learnt a few turns and I got exasperated by the fact that there weren't enough guys to go around so I was learning the guys' moves. And when I was actually dancing with one of the guys, I was the lousiest partner a guy could have cos I was too domineering. haha.

Well, I managed to fulfill my shopping stuff at the Cambridge Centre mall (which took like three buses to get to) and got boots at 17 dollars!! SIS: they are your size so you can wear them in Singapore. I can wear them here cos i'm wearing thick socks. THANK ME!! ahahah) The malls in Canada are mostly alike so it was just like the Conestoga mall again. I did manage to catch a glimpse of the famous ice wine (ontario's the biggest ice wine producer in the whole world) but that was in the mart near Swepna's place. I'll definitely be getting one bottle back home for Daddy to try!

Well that's as much as I'll update for now. I need to prep for school tmr! Guys, do leave me a tag/comment so I know who to get souvenirs for. wahhaha. ;)


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