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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What keeps you through rough times? What gets you past problems?

Where does your hope lie in? When you meet a crisis? How do you know that it will get better? How do you know that whatever you're putting yourself through is worth it?

Is it knowing that your family will be there? Or your special person in your life is by your side? Or the vague knowledge that things will always turn out okay?

Hope is so important. To know and place your faith in a hope that will get you through is even more important. When you lose hope, you lose sight of what your purpose is in the first place, and you're anchorless, subject to the whims and fancies of your surroundings.

Place your hope on something or someone who is worth it.

I've found my hope. Have you?

Did you know that 4 years from the time I met you, you were leaving? Did that thought ever cross your mind? Would anything have been different?

It's frightful to know that no one really knows when the end of the road comes. That's why hope must sustain us through to beyond the journey.



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