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Monday, November 26, 2007

Look up at the starlit sky. If 5 stars were to fizzle out, who would notice?

But think again.

Consider that any one of the stars you see in the sky tonight is a star like our sun, holding, influencing, moving 9 or more planets like Earth around it, giving them warmth, granting them night and day, providing them a point of reference. Then to these planets, the star is everything, the star made all the difference, and the loss of the star will be noticed, if not sorely missed.

When things are reduced to it's most abstract, it usually easy to brush away. But this time, it's personal.

I was one of your planets, Reuben. Distant, but still affected in little ways from the time I knew you.

Did you know? For me, you signified passion, determination, focus and drive. Where I taught, you inspired. Where ever you went, they noticed. I cannot even begin to fathom the loss your family and close ones feel at this moment.

The picture did you no wrong because that was exactly what you would have been doing. You seemed to transcend the normal goings of life, and focused on your strengths and self-belief. I have never met a more self-assured individual who never reeked any arrogance or hostility.

In so many ways, you have remained the same as I remembered you. Spontaneous, playful, disciplined. But in the time that I've not contacted you, you have acheived more than I could have thought of. But that was not unexpected. I had only good hopes and faith that you would get somewhere. Because you're just you.

And I weep because I would have loved to see so much more of you. So much more of what you could have done. So much more that I and the rest of the world could have known about you. But all this recognition comes to naught when death knocks at our door.

When it comes to life and death, perspectives always get shaken, and jolted out of what is usually taken for granted. I know if I told you what a great person you are, it might not have prevented anything like this from happening, but I would know that you would have appreciated it, and I would have no regrets.

The world has lost a light, but I know that the kingdom of God has gained an angel.

And till we meet again, I will cling on to the heaven-inspired pieces you have composed, the lovely pictures of you in my memory, and the friends that you have left behind.

For now, just let me grieve.


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