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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What a childish statment.

I think we are horrible judges at what we need and what we want. Often, we
think what we want is actually a need, and what actually is a need becomes
a want.

We take so many things for granted. Especially things we need. And I'm glad
that God made these things that we need inherently harder for us to
manipulate. Because given a choice, we would, to get things that we want.
Sometimes the desire of something we want clouds our sight on all other
things that we need.

I'm thankful my heart beats on it's own, without my need to intervene
directly, and my nose and lungs work together by themselves to fuel my

I'm thankful that He sustains me, through countless ups and downs, through
darkness and loss.

These are what we need.

What makes it different from what we want?

We want more money, we want to feel comfortable, we want people not to
disappoint us, we want people to make us happy all the time, we want to be
better than others.

Sure, these things can relieve us. But for how long? They become a
relentless pursuit, a 'chasing after the wind.' When everything else fades
away, what is left? What do you place your hope in when everything else
fails you? Including yourself?

Ah. That's what carrot cake and coffee does to you.

I sit watching the world go by
Wondering when it is my turn?
I hold my breath, like punctuation, everything holds still.

I wait.

He approaches, extends a kind hand to me.
So does another. And another. And another.
I look at my own hands, and stretch them out.

Much better to give than to receive.


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